Trams one of the most oldest medium of transport. There's hardly any people who has not been to tram. So, now people missing out tram rides can experience this in one of the most iconic restaurant that's tram cafe which is near Mother 's wax museum.

It's a street food cafeteria which is opened inside a renovated tram car. The prices of the food are also reasonable. A place where all Street food of Kolkata under a single tram bogie can be found.


Starring the food, mix noodles and chilli chicken gives you a hunger pangs in your stomach. Soft red chicken pieces are enough to water your mouth. If anyone is fond of Chinese must try this food with yummy, fresh, spicy chicken noodles.
The cafe is really tried it's best to maintain it's authenticity and ethnicity. The way they blend the cafeteria and the team bogie is mere enough to watch.
Sitting and enjoying the street food under a royal medium of transport whose existence is hardly seen nowadays, gives a cool vibes of old days. Thus, urbanization to classical times made the time royal and worthful to remember.


Therefore, eating street food with friends and enjoying a day out is the most remarkable memory of all the times. Highly recommendable cafe with classical touch for those who love street foods of Kolkata as well as Chinese.



Author - Debjani Basak
Restaurant -  The Tram Cafe
Location - HFXC+MRX, International Finacial Hub(CBD), Newtown, New Town, West Bengal 700156