Minutes of the 2nd meeting

Minutes of the 2nd meeting

Ref. No. SNU/IQAC/2022/01 Members present:

Sl Name Designation
1. PROF.(DR.) DHRUBAJYOTI CHATTOPADHYAY Vice Chancellor-SNU, Chairperson
2. PROF. SHRABANA CHAKRABORTY SARKAR Associate Professor-Physics, Member
3. PROF. ATREYI GHOSH Assistant Professor-MBBT, Member
4. PROF. SAIKAT MAITY Professor-CSE, Member
5. PROF. DEBASHREE MUKHERJEE Professor HoD-Law, Member
6. PROF. KUNTAL MANDAL Professor-Nursing, Member
7. PROF. MAHUYA ADHIKARY Assistant Professor- Management, Member
8. PROF. ARINDAM BASU Assistant Professor-Mass communications and Journalism, Member
9. PROF. SAPTARSHI DAS Assistant Professor-Pharmacy, Member
10. MR. PRADYUT KUMAR BISWAS OSD to Chancellor, Member
11. PROF. SUMAN CHATTERJEE Registrar, Member
12. PROF. MALA MITRA Controller of Examination (COE)& HoD-Physics, Member
13. MR. SUBIR RAKSHIT Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Member
14. PROF. SUMMAULI PYNE Director, Global affairs & International relations, Member
15. DR. ANUP KUMAR MOTILAL Director-Rabindra Tirtha & Nazrul Tirtha, Member
16. PROF. AMIT SARKAR Assistant Professor-MBBT & Member Secretary

Leave of absence was granted to Mr. Chandra Sekhar Ghosh, MD-Bandhan Bank (Member)

The 2nd meeting of the Internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) of the Sister Nivedita University was held on 14th November, 2022 at 12:30 PM at the Vice Chancellor’s conference room, Sister Nivedita University, DG 1/2, Action Area-1, New Town, Kolkata-700156. The meeting was chaired by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Sister Nivedita University and the following were discussed.

Agenda Item No. 1: Welcome speech by the Chairperson
  • 1.1. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Chairperson IQAC welcomed all the members of the IQAC-SNU and apprised the members present about the importance of this cell and significance of IQAC activities for quality enhancement of the University and towards the goals of achieving subsequent UGC and NAAC accreditation.
  • 1.2. He emphasized on correct maintenance of all documentation related to quality improvement of the University.
Action: All the members agreed and well accepted the Chairperson''s view
Agenda Item No. 2: Presentation by Member Secretary

Member secretary introduced all the members with the Chair & external member and gave a brief presentation mentioning/proposing the following:

  • 2.1. Vision, Mission and strategic objectives of IQAC
  • 2.2. Importance of AQAR submission
  • 2.3. Seven sections and subsections of AQAR format-part B
  • 2.4. Team work strategies, formation of departmental quality assurance cell (DQAC) and departmental single point of contact (DSPC).
  • 2.5. Proposed activity timeline till next IQAC meeting.
  • 2.6. Formation of Subcommittees and DQAC
  • 2.7. Responsibilities of subcommittees
  • 2.8. Yearly meeting schedule for the year 2023.
  • 2.9. Potential IQAC activities
  • 2.10. Basic requirements of IQAC for its smooth functioning.
  • 2.11. Pending nominations to IQAC under 4 different categories a) Students (UG) b) Student (PG) c) Employer d) Alumni
Action: All the members appreciated the presentation and accepted it for further discussion. Registrar, SNU suggested that IQAC should meet more frequently considering the time constraint and the volume of job in hand.
Agenda Item No. 3: Formation of subcommittees, DQAC and DSPC
Discussion: Effective strategies for formation of subcommittees, DQAC and DSPC, their responsibilities and work timeline was discussed.
Action: Subcommittee coordinator for all 7 sub committees were identified and strategy for DQAC formation was finalised.
Agenda Item No. 8: Miscellaneous - with permission of the Chair
  1. Dr. Anup Kumar. Motilal (nomination from the local society, external member) shared his experience about NAAC visit and stressed that we need to be extra vigilant on certain aspects such as documentation, library resources, effective collaboration etc Members noted his valuable suggestions and requested Dr. Motilal to guide us towards achieving our goals in terms of quality enhancement.
  2. Prof. Suman Chatterjee, Registrar-SNU proposed and Prof Saikat Maity seconded the name of Prof. Arindam Basu for taking care of posting all IQAC related documents in the University web site under separate action tabs.
  3. Prof. Amit Sarkar proposed that Librarian and Head, IT department should be included in the infrastructure and learning resources subcommittee (criterion # 4) and the proposal was well accepted by the members.
  4. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Chairperson, IQAC suggested that the coordinator “teaching and learning resources” criteria may consult four identified model Universities who has already received NAAC accreditation for preparing the student satisfaction survey format.
  5. Member secretary raised the matter of accessing the documents available in the IQAC director email ID.
  6. Mr. Pradyut Kumar Biswas proposed that a SNU IQAC regulation be formed for hassle free operation.
  7. The matter of incorporating members from students (UG & PG), employer and Alumni community to IQAC was discussed.
  8. Creation of a logo SNU_IQAC has been discussed.
  9. Prof. Suman Chatterjee, Registrar delivered the vote of thanks to the Chair and all members present for attending the 2nd IQAC meeting and emphasised upon the fact that we need to do meaningful justification to our responsibilities. He also mentioned that we all need to go forward together in a coordinated manner and no stone should remain unturned with respect to quality enhancement and sustenance of the University.
Circulated the Member secretary 18th November, 2022 ------------------ Signature of Member secretary
Confirmed / Amended in the succeeding meeting < Date >   ------------------ Signature of Chairperson



Ref. No. SNU/IQAC/2022/01

Date: 14th Nov, 2022

The following were discussed and resolved in the 2nd IQAC meeting of Sister Nivedita University held on 14th November, 2022 at 12:30 PM at Vice Chancellor’s conference room, Sister Nivedita University, DG 1/2, Action Area-1, New Town, Kolkata-700156.

Agenda Item No. 1: Welcome Speech from the Chairperson
Resolution Now, therefore, be it resolved that all IQAC members will work in a coordinated fashion and timely manner for quality improvement of the University and towards the goal of achieving accreditation from UGC and NAAC in near future and all academic as well as administrative units will extend all possible supports in this regard
Agenda Item No. 2: Presentation by Member Secretary
Resolution Now, therefore, be it resolved
  • 1) That all proposals including the formation of subcommittees, DQAC, DSPC be accepted unanimously except the frequency of IQAC meeting.
  • 2) That there will be bimonthly IQAC meeting [6 (six) times a year] every year.
Agenda Item No. 3: Formation of Subcommittees
Resolution: Now therefore, be it resolved
  • 1) That seven subcommittees be formed with following IQAC members as coordinators for each subcommittee.
  • A. Curricular aspects: Prof. Amit Sarkar
  • B. Teaching, learning and evaluation: Prof. Saikat Maity
  • C. Research, Innovations and Extension: Prof. Shrabana Chakroborty Sarkar
  • D. Infrastructure and Learning Resources: Prof. Arinadam Basu
  • E. Student Support and Progression: Prof. Atreyi Ghosh
  • F. Governance, Leadership and Management: Prof. Suman Chatterjee & Prof. Mala Mitra
  • G. Institutional Values and Best Practices: Prof. Debashree Mukherjee
  • 2) That team building (at least five faculty members/subcommittee) meeting for each subcommittee would takes place at Registrar’s office on 15th Nov, 2022 at 4PM with all subcommittee coordinators in presence of Prof. Suman Chatterjee (Registrar) and Prof. Mala Mitra (Prof and HoD-Physics & Controller of exam)
  • 3) That It would be ensured that no member be included in more than one subcommittee.
  • 4) That subcommittees meeting frequency would be decided by the respective coordinator based on the volume of work/data received.
  • 5) That a) power to issue notice to all unit heads (Academic & Administrative) will be given to IQAC member secretary along with access to email IDs of all unit heads. b) a notice be served by the member secretary along with minutes of this meeting to all unit heads requesting to form respective DQAC (without incorporating IQAC members, if any) and inform the IQAC about the DQAC members name along with the name of DSPC within 19th Nov, 2022.
  • 6) That all subcommittees thus formed as mentioned in pt # 2 would meet and prepare the final questionnaire format based on AQAR guidelines and send to all DSPCs by 24th Nov, 2022.
  • 7) That all DQACs thus formed as mentioned in pt # 5 would fill up the questionnaire as per best of their knowledge and send to respective subcommittees by 15th Dec, 2022.
  • 8) That subcommittees would meet and complete the data analysis by 5th Jan, 2023
  • 9) That next IQAC meeting would take place on a suitable date around middle of January, 2023.
  • 10) That all committees and persons involved in this work force will strictly adhere to the time line as mentioned above.
  • 11) That all general events of the University henceforth be organised jointly with IQAC and all photo/video documents be uploaded in the web site under IQAC.
  • 12) That issues mentioned as basic requirements for smooth operations of IQAC will be discussed and addressed in a follow-up meeting to be held at Registrar’s office in presence of the Registrar and Controller of Examination on 15th Nov, 2022
  • 13) That feedback questionnaire under AQAR criteria # 1 and # 2 will be developed by respective sub committees and submitted to IQAC for final approval.
Agenda Item No. 4: Miscellaneous (with the permission from the Chair)
  Now, therefore, be resolved
  • 1) That extra emphasis will be given towards
  • a) Proper maintenance of all IQAC related documents
  • b) Quality enhancement of library facility
  • c) Employment generation capability
  • d) Collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • 2. That Prof. Arindam Basu, will be in charge of uploading all IQAC related relevant documents to the SNU website.
  • 3. That librarian and IT personnel would be included in the “infrastructure& learning resources” subcommittee.
  • 4. That Prof. Saikat Maity and his team will consult certain model NAAC accredited universities for preparing students satisfaction survey format.
  • 5) That a new email ID will be created for IQAC and that will be merged with the director, IQAC email ID.
  • 6) That Hon’ble Vice Chancellor suggested Mr. P.K. Biswas to draft the regulation with any of the members whom he finds suitable for this job.
  • 7) That Hon’ble Vice Chancellor will nominate students, employer and alumni members for IQAC.
  • 8) That Prof. Arindam Basu will take care of creating a SNU-IQAC logo and there will be SUN-IQAC banner/standi or equivalent things for all for subsequent IQAC meetings.
Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.
Confirmed / Amended in the succeeding meeting < Date >   ------------------ Signature of Chairperson