Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs


Sister Nivedita University being unique of its own kind is built on the path of Sister Nivedita, blessed under the shadow of Swami Vivekananda has been and will pursue excellence as its core theme of imparting education.

In order to encourage excellence in the academic performance of students, the University will award Scholarship and Financial Aid for students. Additionally, socio-economic conditions sometimes put hurdles on the meritorious students who belong to the financially weaker section of the Society. Thus, the policy of the University will be to encourage merit and also to facilitate meritorious students who are facing poor socio-economic conditions limited financial means.

With effect from the academic session 2023-24, the following schemes are available for the aspirants seeking admissions in various programmes of study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University.

Award of Scholarship / Financial Aid will thus be made under following categories viz.

1. SNU Merit Scholarship


Program Level

Qualifying Examination

Range of marks (%)

Scholarship (%)


Undergraduate Programs

Class 10 & 12

Marks ≥ 95%

100 % on tuition fees

90% ≤ marks < 95%

50 % on tuition fees

85% ≤ marks < 90%

25 % on tuition fees


Postgraduate Programs

Graduation (bachelor’s degree)

Marks ≥ 75%

100 % on tuition fees

70% ≤ marks <75%

50 % on tuition fees

65% ≤ marks <70%

25 % on tuition fees


2. SNU Talent Scholarship

Any talent in the field of sports, performing arts (e.g. singing, dancing, drama etc.), visual arts (e.g. painting, sculpture etc.), who have represented State or Nation in a National or International meet/ performance and who meets the eligibility criteria for admission to any undergraduate/postgraduate program of study, may be offered 50% scholarship which is equivalent to 50% of the Tuition Fee payable by the student. Depending upon the applicants merit the scholarship amount may be increased with due approval of the Scholarship Committee.

I. For Sports Category




Scholarship (%)

Based on the assessment of sports certificates for last three years


Diploma / Undergraduate / Post Graduate

International Players


100 % on tuition fees


Diploma / Undergraduate / Post Graduate

National Level Medal winners

(Gold, Silver & Bronze position only)

50 % on tuition fees


Diploma / Undergraduate / Post Graduate

National / State Participation:

Category : - Olympic Games by IOC; World championships under International Sports Federation (IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games) ; Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia; Asian Championship organized by International Federation of concerned game (recognized / affiliated by MYAS and / or IOA); Commonwealth Games, S.A.F. Games and Afro Asian Games; Paralympics Games (recognized / affiliated by IOC and / or MYAS)

25 % on tuition fees

Note: Age should not be of more than 23 years as on the date of Admission subject to consideration by the competent authority.

Performance Monitoring:

  • All candidates selected under sports quota will have to submit an affidavit stating that they will participate / represent only from SNU.
  • Achievements in their sports (basis for grant of sports quota scholarship) will be monitored by University Sports committee)



II. For Performing Arts (e.g. singing, dancing, drama etc.) & Visual Arts




Scholarship (%)

Based on the performance in cultural activities & achievements


Diploma / Undergraduate / Post Graduate

At National/International Level


100 % on tuition fees


Diploma / Undergraduate / Post Graduate

At State Level

50 % on tuition fees


Diploma / Undergraduate / Post Graduate

At District Level

25 % on tuition fees

Note: The University shall offer scholarships in the form of tuition fee waiver to those students who participate and win awards (first prize, second prize, gold medal, silver medal etc...) at different levels

  • Students will receive complete support from SNU in accelerating their goals.
  • The students shall be encouraged and groomed by the best mentors for the state and national level competitions.

Requirements :

  • Recommendation Letter and 1 minute video by the Mentoring Institute or Academy or Private Tutor or Gurus.
  • Documentary proofs showcasing Awards, Certificates won by students or Participation of students in activities/events.
  • Minimum 2 references of individuals who are associated with the applicant in the same co-curricular activity.


3. Chancellor Merit cum Means Scholarship:

a) This Scholarship is directly granted by the Hon’ble Chancellor, Sister Nivedita University.

b) Under this scholarship scheme a remission of 50 % to 100 % of total fees is waived for the needy students, and the candidate should maintain good academic record per semester.

Note: For Chancellor Merit cum Means Scholarship requires a Family income certificate from any of the following, which would be considered for awarding the scholarship

i. Any Government Gazetted Officer not below the rank of BDO in case of rural areas.

ii. Executive Officer in case of Municipality.

iii. Any Govt. Gazetted Officer not below the rank of Deputy Secretary in case of Corporation.


4. SNU Scholarship Scheme for Alumni

If the candidate qualified his/her previous examination from any of the Institutes under Techno India Group, will be offered 15% scholarship of tuition fees.

Rules & Regulations

The scholarship shall remain valid over the semesters (for semester scheme programs of study) and years (for annual scheme programs of study), unless the performance of the student falls below the desired level or any disciplinary action has been taken against the student for any reason and as would be decided by the respective Head of the Department and intimated to the office of Registrar and the Vice Chancellor.

Once, the student has been granted any one of the above scholarship schemes and has availed such, he or she will not be able to apply for any other scholarship schemes, including Government Departments, Corporates etc. Reversely, the Students availing any Scholarship (Government Departments, Corporates etc.) will not allowed applying above scholarships.

All such scholarship shall necessarily need to be approved by the Vice Chancellor through the Scholarship Approval Committee, before being offered. Final Grant is solely at the discretion of the University.

Before availing a scholarship scheme a student has to give a declaration (as provided in Annexure-1) countersigned by parent/guardian to the effect that the awardee of scholarship, is aware that after successfully graduating from the University and after being successfully placed in the career, he/she shall necessarily financially support a needy or economically child to pursue education, as a part of social responsibility; and that he/she after supporting someone needy/economically challenged child shall let know the University the details of this, so that the University may put the fact on record.

Cancellation of scholarship: If at any stage it is found that the candidate has supressed facts and/or have submitted any forged documents, the scholarship shall stand withdrawn immediately.


By order of the Vice Chancellor,



Format for Declaration by an awardee of Scholarship

I, < name of the student > , son/daughter of < father’s name/guardian’s name > , residing at < permanent address of the student > , do solemnly affirm and pledge that on successfully completing my academic programme at Sister Nivedita University and after being successfully placed in my future career, I shall be socially responsible to support a needy / economically challenged student in all respect including financial support, so that he/she can continue education and ensure that he/she is not left behind

Name of the Applicant:

Signature of the scholarship awardee:



Name of the of the scholarship awardee:

Signature of the Parent/guardian of the scholarship awardee:





Govt. Scholarship Details

Central Scholarship Schemes for Education – Details

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

1. NEC Merit Scholarship

  • The full name of NEC Merit Scholarship is Financial Support To The Students Of NER For Higher Professional Courses
  • It provided financial support for only permanent NER resident students studying anywhere in India; and whose parents’ annual income doesn’t exceed Rs. 8 lakhs.
  • It is not provided to the NER students who already avail benefits under any other scheme.
  • Diploma, Degree, Post-graduate or registration in M.Phil. /PhD students of any institute recognized by the Government are eligible.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Railways

1. Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For RPF/RPSF

  • It was introduced in 2005.
  • The aim of the scheme is to encourage higher technical and professional
  • education for the dependent wards of Ex/Serving RPF/RPSF personnel and widows (below the Rank of Gazetted officer)
  • 150 students are selected per academic session including 50 percent girls.
  • Professional Degree Courses like BE, B.Tech, BDS, MBBS, BEd, BBS, BCA, MCA B. Pharma, etc. duly recognized by the Government Regulatory Bodies are eligible.
  • It is not eligible for master degree courses except for MBA and MCA.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Home Affairs

1. Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For Central Armed Police Forces And Assam Rifles

2. Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For Wards Of States/UTs Police Personnel Martyred During Terror/Naxal Attacks

Both the schemes have the following features:

  • The scholarship is given to the dependent children or widows of the martyrs of CAPF, Assam Rifles or those state police personnel who were martyred during terror or naxal attacks.
  • 2000 scholarships are provided for CAPF and Assam Rifles’ wards.
  • 500 scholarships are provided for state police personnel’ wards.
  • It is given for professional degrees programs.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Human Resources and Development

1. Central Sector Scheme Of Scholarships For College And University Students

  • 82000 scholarships are awarded under this scheme to meritorious students from low income families.
  • It is awarded for regular graduate, post-graduate and professional degree programmes.
  • Students between the ages of 18 and 25 from different state boards; having above 80 percent marks in Class 12th are eligible.

2. National Means Cum Merit Scholarship

  • 1. 1 lakh scholarships are provided under this scheme to class 9th meritorious students whose annual family income is not above Rs. 1.5 lakh.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Tribal Affairs

1. National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students

  • It is a scholarship for ‘Formally Top Class Education for Scheduled Tribe Students.’
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) for ST students and Top Class Education for ST Students were two central sector schemes that merged to create National Fellowship and Scholarship for ST Students Higher Education.’
  • It has two components – Fellowship (Introduced in 2014) and Scholarship (Introduced in 2015.)
  • Fellowship is awarded for ST students for higher education courses like PhD, M.Phil etc, and Scholarships for ST students to opt graduation or post-graduation courses in government or private institutions.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Labour and Employment

1. Financial Assistance for Education of the Wards of Beedi/Cine/IOMC/LSDM Workers – Post-Matric and Pre-Matric

  • For the children of Beedi, Cine, Iron Ore, Manganese Ore & Chrome Ore Mine (IOMC), and Iron Ore, Manganese Ore & Chrome Ore Mineworkers.
  • Correspondence courses are not eligible.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

1. Top Class Education Scheme for SC Students

  • The scheme was approved in 2007.
  • 4200 scholarships are provided (30 percent slots for SC Girls.)
  • Those SC students having total annual family income from all sources up to Rs. 8.00 lakh and having secured admission in a full-time prescribed course in any of the notified institutions according to the general selection criteria prescribed by the concerned institution, will be eligible for scholarship under the Scheme to the extent of the number of scholarships (slots) allocated to the institution for the course.

Scholarship Scheme by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

1. Pre-matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

2. Post-matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

3. Scholarships for Top Class Education for Students with Disabilities

4. National Overseas Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

5. National fellowships for PwDs

6. Free Coachings for Students with Disabilities

The salient features of the six schemes mentioned above are:

  • All the six schemes are for Indian national students with 40 percent or more disability.
  • Only two children of the same parents are eligible.

Scholarship Scheme by Ministry of Minority Affairs

1. Pre Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

  • It was announced in 2006.
  • It is awarded to meritorious students.
  • It is awarded to students studying in class 1 to class 10th, and have secured at least 50 percent marks in the last final examination. Also, the annual family income of such students shouldn’t exceed Rs. 1 lakh.

2. Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

  • It was announced in 2006.
  • It is awarded for studies in government or private institutions for graduation, technical and vocational courses. (Certificate courses are not allowed.)

3. Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses

  • It is awarded for technical and professional courses at the graduate and post-graduate level.
  • It is for students with a minimum of 50 percent marks in the previous final examination and whose annual family income does not exceed Rs. 2 lakh.

List of UGC Scholarship Schemes

The four scholarship schemes run by UGC are:

1. Ishan Uday – Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region

  • It was introduced in 2014-15
  • 10000 scholarships are awarded under this scheme annually.
  • General degree courses, technical and professional courses, including medical and paramedical courses as certified by the Registrar/ Principal/ Director of University/ College/ Institute are eligible for this scholarship.
  • The students have to be a domicile of the North Eastern region.
  • The annual income of parents shouldn’t exceed Rs. 4.5 lakh.
  • Open Universities’ courses and diploma courses are not eligible.

2. PG Indira Gandhi Scholarship For Single Girl Child

  • 3000 scholarships are provided to the only girl child who enrols in the first year of a PG course only.
  • The maximum age of the girl should be 30.
  • PG course in a distance education mode is not eligible.

3. PG Scholarship For University Rank Holders (Ist And IInd Rank Holders)

  • The awardees, under this scheme, can pursue their Postgraduate programme in any area of specialization in any institution of higher learning in the country

4. PG Scholarship Scheme For SC ST Students For Pursuing Professional Courses

  • 1000 scholarships are provided for postgraduate level studies in professional subjects in Indian universities/institutions/ colleges.

List of AICTE Scholarships

There are four All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) scholarships:

1. Pragati Scholarship Scheme For Girl Students (Technical Degree)

  • 5000 scholarships are provided annually.

2. Pragati Scholarship Scheme For Girl Students (Technical Diploma)

  • 5000 scholarships are provided annually.

3. Saksham Scholarship Scheme For Specially Abled Student (Technical Degree)

  • Saksham is an MHRD Scheme being implemented by AICTE aimed at providing encouragement and support to specially-abled children to pursue technical education

4. Saksham Scholarship Scheme For Specially Abled Student (Technical Diploma)

State Government Scholarships

Scholarship is financial aid award designed to help students pay for their educational expenses. Scholarship available for the students of West Bengal. Find all the information about scholarship available for West Bengal students. Lots of scholarship info. There are lots of scholarships available in West Bengal, India. Here you can get all the information about those scholarships

SVMCM (Link: With a view to assisting the meritorious students belonging to economically backward families in the State of West Bengal to pursue higher studies, the Government of West Bengal introduces this scheme of giving scholarships at different levels of higher studies, at educational institutions based in West Bengal. The Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship Scheme has been thoroughly revamped in the year 2016 to cover more number of students as well as to enhance the scholarship amounts significantly.


  • The scheme benefits students studying in regular mode of Class XI and XII, and at under Graduate level in Science/Arts/Commerce, Engineering, Medical and Technical / Professional courses. Post Graduate level students pursuing Science/Arts/Commerce & Technical/Management. These scholarships will be sanctioned to deserving students on merit-cum-means criteria.
  • Students should pass in the year 2021 or 2020 (unable to get admission in the year 2020 due to unavoidable reason and taking admission in the year of advertisement) with at least (a)60% marks in aggregate in the last qualifying examination(75% for previous year passout candidates) from West Bengal Board of Secondary Education/West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education/Madrasa Education for Higher Secondary level or Under Graduate level Scholarship (b) 60% marks in aggregate in diploma course from Institutes approved by AICTE and affiliated to WBSCT&VE&SD for Under Graduate level Scholarship (in 2nd year Engineering/Technology/Pharmacy courses through Lateral Entry) or affiliated by State Medical Faculty for Under Graduate level Scholarship (in 2nd year Pharmacy course through Lateral Entry) (c) 53% marks in aggregate in Graduation (Honours Subject) from any State University for Post Graduate Level Scholarship (General Education) /55% marks in Graduate Courses from any State University or AICTE approved Institute of West Bengal for Post Graduate Level Scholarship (Engineering/Technology/Pharmacy).
  • Students pursuing M.Phil courses and Doctoral courses (NON-NET JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOW and NET-LECTURERSHIP) from State-aided Institutions will come under the purview of this Scholarship Scheme.
  • Girls Students pursuing Post Graduate courses in Science, Arts and Commerce stream from Universities of this State after obtaining Under Graduate Degree with 45% marks in aggregate from Institutions of this State will come under the aegis of this Scholarship Scheme as Kanyashree(K3) applicants.
  • The upper ceiling for family income has been fixed at Rs.2,50,000/- per annum.
    As the payment will be made by direct beneficiary transfer only, furnishing of Bank details of the applicant, i.e. A/C No., Bank Name, IFS Code of Bank is mandatory.
  • There will be no need to submit hard copy of the application.
  • Candidates opting for these scholarships and found eligible, will not be allowed to enjoy any other governmental (central/state) scholarship or stipend for the same course/stage of study. However, one time grants or assistances received from any source, or free or partly-free studentship allowed by the host institutions will not debar the students from availing of the benefits of this scheme.


Scholarship Name WB Chief Minister Nabanna Scholarship
Providing Authority West Bengal Chief Minister Relief Fund
Eligible Courses HS, UG Honours, PG, Medical, Engineering, Nursing, Paramedical, Diploma, PG.
Application Method Offline
Application Start (Fresh/Renewal) Any time of Current Season
Percentage Required 65% marks in Madhyamik [for H.S. level], 60% in H.S. Exam [for U.G. level], 55% Marks in the Honours Subject [for P.G. level]
Application Last Date No last date for Apply
Official Website



Providing Authority West Bengal Higher Education Department (WBHED)
Eligible Courses HS, UG Honours, PG, Medical, Engineering, Nursing, Paramedical, Diploma, PG.
Application Method Online
Official Website


Providing Authority West Bengal BCW Department
Eligible Courses HS, UG, PG, Medical, Engineering, Pharmacy, B.Ed, M.Ed, Diploma, PTTI, Nursing, B.V.Sc, LLB
Application Method Online
Annual Family Income Maximum Rs. 2.5 lakh per year
Official Website


Providing Authority WBMDFC & WBHED
Eligible Courses HS, UG Honours, PG, Medical, Engineering, Nursing, Paramedical, Diploma, PG
Application Method Online
Annual Family Income Maximum Rs. 2.5 lakh per year
Official Website


Kanyashree K3 Scholarship 2022 Information

Scholarship Name Kanyashree K3
Distributed by West Bengal Higher Education Department
Eligible Course Post-Graduate
Scholarship Amount Rs. 2000 (Arts, Commerce) & Rs. 2500 (Science) per month
Required Marks Minimum 45% in UG
Application Mode Online

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