The SNU Chronicle

The Launching of SNU Chronicles Sister Nivedita University one of the leading and most prestigious Educational Institutes in the City, has come up with its first ever own personalised application- “The SNU Chronicles ” . The SNU Chronicles is a self initiative of the university aiming at promoting student’s creativity and providing a platform to showcase their talents. It will also serve as a platform in teaching how to write and publish news and will include radio podcasts, live sessions, SNU TV and all other activities involving the students of SNU. Also, apart from just being a mobile application, it is also a web portal and that makes it the most interesting. It will include different tabs dedicated to the the various online and offline programs of the university.

1. While surfing the application, we will come across a news portal which will contain news articles and different event coverages by the students of SNU. The most notable among them will be “The Humans of Kolkata”, which will come up with the superlative and life changing stories of different individuals of Kolkata who have excelled excellently in their lives and have inspired many.

2. The “SNU Post” tab will consist of all the amazing articles and posts prepared by the students of the various departments of the university.

3. The “SNU Reel ” (SNU TV) tab will serve as an online video sharing platform where the different works of the students will be regularly posted.

4. The “ SNU Radio ” tab will be solely dedicated to the different radio sessions that will be organised time to time in the university's own radio station, often featuring noteworthy personalities.

5. And last but not the least, the last tab- “Our Team” will introduce the backbones of the application, i.e. it's students, who will work day and night to keep us updated and provide us with the most amazing and genuine contents.