The BA-LLB way redefines the Law Career Trajectory

Unlike the famous figurative speech demonstrating a person's inability to gain expertise in a particular subject matter because he is busy dabbling in many skills, a bachelor's degree in Legum Baccalaureus combined with a bachelor's degree in arts (hereinafter referred to as B.A-LLB) assists a law student in becoming a master of a number of subjects. He becomes a man-of-all-work and adaptable, demonstrating tremendous adaptability to varied conditions while concurrently serving multiple vital duties, in addition to embodying the ideals of comprehensive legal education.

A legal degree has a lot of appeal, not just because of the subjects studied in law school, but also because of the employment opportunities it provides. More specifically, a five-year integrated professional course offers to combine a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Laws, and exposes the student to a variety of various courses from which he can choose, develop his interests, and create his career appropriately.

Such a five-year integrated BA-LLB programme is necessary to carve out one's area of interest over the course of five years, allowing him to better define and pursue his career ambitions. One of the most distinguishing elements of the B.A.-LLB programme is its breadth; it covers everything from civil law to criminal law to penology to space law to sports law and so on, encompassing a wide spectrumof a student's "areas of interest."

A student can choose any laws he wants to learn for his subject concentration. Constitutional Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Business Laws, and other general specialisation options are available; however, since laws have evolved, students can now specialise in disciplines such as Maritime Law, Space Law, Sports Law, andMedical Law, to name a few.

To sum up, the B.A.-LLB programme provides a wide range of job options and opens up new horizons for law students who want to pursue a career in the future. The knowledge, abilities, and experience gained during the course assist students in carving out a place for themselves. In a nutshell, the course helps students not only improve their academic skills but also find a variety of employment, ranging fromentry-level to managing and leadership positions.