Looking for University in Kolkata?

Tips from Professionals to help you out.

• Location

Look out for universities at prime location in and around the city. With good location comes great advantages-- hospitals, markets, playgrounds, malls, and so on around you always help. Check whether the campus-surrounding has greenery and cleanliness. The ecosystem surrounding you during your campus-life will help you grow significantly as a human being.

• Reputation

Studying in a renowned university/college will make you a better student in every way. A reputable university generally, has experience for years. They know the right tools to enrich their students with not just a better education pedagogy but with an overall personality development.

• Faculty

The backbone of any good university/college is its faculty. Faculty with cooperative gesture, experience in their respective fields along with the capability to make students feel comfortable and encourage them are always welcoming.

• Cost

Money is the first thing that comes to the mind when thinking about colleges, and for good reason. Plan ahead, especially if you’re thinking of studying abroad. Look for all the facilities that comes with the course fee, and compare amongst institutes. Additional benefits like scholarship can be helpful.

• Courses

After deciding your dream course, look for universities/colleges with a good academic history in your respective department. You should visit the campus before taking any decision and mingle with students from your field. This will give you a clear idea whether to be a part of the respective institute.

• Course-related facilities

It is very important for you, as a student to explore the activities that takes place within the campus. A university/college that nurtures every ability of its students and encourages them to actively participate in co and extra-curricular are the ones to look for. Well-stocked library, playgrounds, game/music clubs, gym, and so on are necessary segment of any campus. Finally, all the above points are legit when you are well-prepared to step into a whole new environment for your future academic endeavor. Do your research, be absolutely clear on what you want to do, and check your compatibility with your upcoming campus-life, and you are all ready to glide through your college life!